We respect life and love the human beings.
We want to bring the tradition back to our daily routine and re-initiate the old times purity that both are missing from today´s life.
Traditional cuisine guarantees all the the above and we created a traditional food set of products.
The breadsticks Eleni. A suitable snack for every moment of our everyday life to make it more delicious.
The breadsticks Eleni are changing our nutritional status by restoring tasting of the real natural product on our plates for all those simple, unique and beautiful moments of the day.

Handmade with natural ingredients and without preservatives we make sure you can have a healthy breakfast and not only.
The indelible sense and flavour that stands out in every natural creation prevails in our products that are suitable for every moment of the day.

The excellent quality and the without preservatives raw materials we use are the main reason why the breadsticks Eleni are an integral piece of dietary advices given by local scientists who want to maintain the health of people at optimal levels. Those scientists, by knowing our pure products, recommend them as a necessary part of a healthy diet.

For this very reason the breadsticks Eleni have a steady market share increase having being among the first choice of hundreds of households.

Handmade Breadsticks Eleni with natural ingredients on your plate.

Our ingredients that guarantee excellent quality come from family farming in our region, oil, herbs, wine and fruits juice. We produce for you handmade breadsticks without preservatives.

Pure ingredients are used::

  • Olive Oil
  • Wine or fruit juices fermented / non fermented
  • Flour
  • Oats
  • Honey